Event Planning Checklist

Preparing for an event can be challenging and time-consuming. As you begin planning, you may feel overwhelmed with the details, but each decision you make will get you closer to the end result. The checklist below will help you navigate the event planning process and help to ensure your success.


The Basics

  • Determine the date(s) and time(s) for your event and select alternative dates, if necessary.
  • Decide on a geographic location.
  • Will guest rooms be needed?
  • Will audio/visual equipment be needed?
  • How will you invite attendees to the event?
  • Will there be entertainment?



  • Determine the daily schedule for the event. Include times and specific location details.
  • Will attendees be present for the entire event or will attendance be variable for different parts?
  • Will programs or schedules be distributed to attendees? If yes, what is the format ?


Event Space

  • How many people will attend the event?
  • What is the full duration of the event?
  • If attendance is variable for different parts of the event, determine how many people will attend each part.
  • What is the seating arrangement?
  • Will attendees select their seats or are assigned seats needed?
  • If seating is assigned, prepare a seating chart and determine how you will tell people where to sit.
  • What types of audio or visual equipment will be required?
  • Can the venue provide these items or must they be rented from an outside source?
  • Will a microphone and/or podium be needed?
  • Will a telephone be needed?
  • Will notepads and pens be needed? If yes, can the venue provide them?
  • Will an Internet connection be needed?
  • Determine the appropriate decorations for the event.
  • Will tables need to be skirted? If yes, what color(s)?
  • How much time is needed for set up?
  • When will the space be available for a final inspection prior to the event?
  • Are restrooms convenient and easily accessible?
  • Does the event space have air conditioning or heating? If yes, what control do you have over the temperature of the space?
  • Is special lighting required?


Food & Beverage

  • What meals or snacks will be needed throughout the duration of the event?
  • How many people will be included for each meal or snack?
  • Do you need to plan for any special dietary restrictions?
  • Will alcohol be served?
  • Determine the food and beverage choices.
  • Determine the schedule for serving the food and beverages.
  • Select table linens and event colors.



  • How many guest rooms will be needed?
  • How many people will occupy each room?
  • What is the breakdown for the different types of rooms? (singles, doubles, suites, etc.)
  • Should rooms be located close to each other or on the same floor?
  • Will attendees make their own reservations or will reservations be handled by the event organizer?
  • Get a signed contract from the hotel that clearly states the number of rooms reserved for your event, the deadline for reservations, and the room rate(s).
  • When you arrive at the hotel, request a complete list of guest rooms for your group so you can locate people, if necessary.


Event Promotion

  • What is the theme and visual design for your event?
  • Create the attendee list.
  • Will event signage be needed to direct your attendees?
  • Will name tags or badges be needed?
  • Will you distribute gifts or giveaways?



  • Is sufficient parking available?
  • Will you provide transportation?
  • Do you have any attendees that require special accommodations for accessibility?